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Frequently Asked Questions

Why won't my child go outside?

Don’t worry, this is completely normal. It’ll take time for your child to adapt to their new living environment. It’s important to be there for your child, and overtime, they’ll start to come out of their shell.

Why won't my adopted child listen?

You have to remember that adopted children can feel abandoned, and as a result, they shy away from authority. Be firm, but more importantly overload them with love. It’s not their fault as they’ve been conditioned to not trust adults from previous disappointment.

How do I get my adopted child to call me "mom/dad?"

The short answer, time. Focus more on building a bond than naming conventions.  Receiving a parent title is earned, not given.

How to be a great adopted parent?

Each adopted child requires different types of nurturing and care. Being consistent and showing interest in your childs daily life will lay the foundation for a life-long relationship.